Create Custom Recipients

In step two of sending a message, you can import your own list of contacts or use a list that someone else at your site/district office has shared with you.

You can also do this from Manage Imports on your CONNECT dashboard.

Custom recipient lists always add on to any of your “build a filter” recipients. For example, if you select a language in your filter, it has no affect on your custom recipient list.

Import your own list

  1. Create a spreadsheet (in Excel or Google Sheets) with four columns: Name, Email, Phone, Language.

  2. Enter the contacts you need in the rows below.

  3. Select and copy your information.

  4. Return to the recipients page (or Manage Imports) in CatapultCONNECT.

  5. Choose New Import.

  6. Under Name Your New List describe the list you are importing so you recognize it later. Tip: if you choose the exact name of a previously imported list, CONNECT merges your new contacts with the existing list.

  7. In the text area under “Paste from Excel,” paste the information you copied in step 3 above. Avoid editing the text after you paste it (even though it might not look as pretty as it did in your spreadsheet).

  8. Choose Save.

  9. Review the message about your upload then choose Close. If you selected the headers in step 3 above, it might include a message about omitting line 1.

If you choose the Imported Lists drop down, you’ll see a check mark next to the list you just imported. In the future you can reuse the list by selecting it here.

Pasting from Excel or Google Sheets is a simple method to import additional contacts. But if you are more tech-savvy and work with CSV files, there is an option for a .CSV import as well.



After importing a list, you may want to manage imports, preview the recipients or continue to step 3 of sending your message.