Review & Send Messages

You wrote a message, and chose who to send it to. This last step gathers some useful details before you hit Send.

  • When do you want to send?

  • Who you want people to reply to?

  • Do you want to save as a template to reduce your work in the future?

Message title

Choose a message title so you can recognize the message when you review your message history. This field auto fills with the email subject if you provided that on step 1.

Schedule message

If you want to send your message right way, choose Send Immediately.

If you want to schedule your message to send at a future time and date, follow the steps below.

  1. Choose Schedule Date & Time (labeled “1” in the figure below).

  2. Choose a delivery date by clicking on the date text (labeled “2” in the figure below)

  3. Choose a delivery time (labeled “3” in the figure below)


You can review or cancel your scheduled messages any time before delivery. On your dashboard look for Scheduled Messages.

Forward email replies to

When recipients receive your email and choose Reply, where do you want their reply to go?

Often you want the reply to go to yourself. If you need replies to go to a colleague or assistant, replace the email address. If needed, you can lists multiple email addresses separated by a comma (see figure below).


Note: Any replies to your email are relayed by CatapultCONNECT onto the address listed in this field. If you make this field blank, replies to your email are ignored and not fowarded.

Save content to template

If you send the current message frequently, mark Save Content To Template, and choose a name for the template. Next time you send the message you can start from your saved template rather than starting from scratch.



After reviewing the final settings, choose the green Send button at the bottom of the page.