PowerSchool export

PowerSchool's built-in export is limited. For the fastest integration with Catapult, use the CatapultEMS plugin for PowerSchool.


  • For the StudentExport.csv you only need the first 12 columns (through the column labeled "contactEmailSecondary").
  • Omit AttendanceExport.csv. 


  • For StudentExport.csv, the language of a contact (parent/guardian) is not a default field in PowerSchool. If you have a custom field for this, you can adjust the SQL in the plugin zip file under queries_root\Catapult.Students.named_queries.xml
  • Include the AttendanceExport.csv if it is in your contract.

Release history

  • Version 1.5 (2022-09-02): StaffExport.csv now includes all schools a staff member is active at (SchoolID from the SchoolStaff table). Previous versions used just one "main" school per staff member (HomeSchoolId from the Users table). SchoolExport now includes the pluginVersion.
  • Version 1.4 (2022-06-06): Limit StaffToStudent.csv to current courses based on the term's start and end dates. This fixes courses for districts who have multiple terms per year.
  • Version 1.3 (2022-04-27): Support CatapultCONNECT: additional columns in StudentExport.csv (zipCode, grade), plus AttendanceExport.csv.
  • Version 1.2 (2021-12-13): Add student and parent/guardian contact info to StudentExport.csv.
  • Version 1.1 (2021-12-02): Updated column header names (Removed dots and underscores to simplify installation. Fixed typo.)
  • Version 1.0 (2021-11-19): Initial release.