Manage Connect Users

For a list of users, go to your dashboard and choose Manage Site Users (or Manage Organization Users if you are at the organization/district level). Only Organization and Site Communication Team members can manage users.

To add new users, see Add new users.

Table of users

On the user management page, CatapultConnect groups users into several tabs by category. For a description of these categories, see User role on the add new users page.

Table headings

  • Name: Last name followed by first name.

  • Email: The primary email used to receive messages and also used to sign in

  • Role/Position: For example, “Teacher”, “Principal”, etc.

  • Single Sign-On: Whether the sign in integrates with the user’s main work id and password. For details, see Password on the new user page.

  • Imported: Whether the user was imported from the organization's HR/student information system (versus a user that was added manually in CatapultConnect).


  • Edit: Change user settings. For a description of all user settings, see Add new users.

  • Deactivate: Any users no longer working at a site should be deactivated so they do not receive unnecessary messages.

  • Activate: Deactivated tabs only. If a deactivated user or substitute starts working at your site again, choose Activate to bring them back.

Search by name

You can search users by name. As you type, names filter away and each tab displays a count of matching users (outlined in red in the figure below). Remember to check all tabs, since the person you want might be in another tab.


Search by email

You can search users by email address. Unlike names, email searches check across site boundaries and let you edit that user if you have the access to that site. This can be particularly helpful for managing users that work at multiple sites.


Since the pop-up can interrupt your typing, you may prefer to copy and paste the email address from elsewhere rather than type directly into the search box.