Schedule Messages

View scheduled messages 

From your dashboard, choose Scheduled Messages to view future scheduled messages. This also displays messages from other communication team members.

  1.  Once you schedule a message for sending, the button on the dashboard displays as yellow with the number of messages schedule to send.




Schedule message options

  1. Search (search for any scheduled messages)
  2. Scheduled (status of message)
  3. View Content ( view any message content)
  4. Additional Message Options (see below image for more details)


  1. View Recipients (view recipients of message)
  2. Download Recipients (download recipients of message)
  3. View Status (view status of message)
  4. Cancel Message (cancel scheduled message)
  5. Reschedule Message (reschedule date or time of message)
  6. Copy and Send (resend the same message)



To Schedule message

If you want to schedule your message, see review and send messages.