Update a user's site assignments

In most cases, exports from your HR and student information systems control the users’ site assignments in CatapultEMS. If you need to review, add, or edit users’ site assignments within EMS directly, see below.

  1. Sign in to CatapultEMS.com using a District Safety Team account.
  2. From the District Dashboard, choose Manage District Users (top right).
  3. Search for the user by email and select Edit.
  4. Scroll down to “Locations” on the right side.
  5. Choose Add Site and select from your district’s school list.
    Note: If the user is imported and your district has Auto Deactivate turned on, You can fix the location in your HR/SIS system or change the user to Manual (top of the page). 
  6. Choose Save (bottom of the page).

If you need to edit a user assigned to multiple districts, please submit a ticket! We’d be happy to help.