Student self-reporting

During an Action Alert or drill, unaccounted students can report their status.

Student self-reporting is a district-wide add-on feature for CatapultEMS. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature.

Student self-reporting requires student alert notifications.


(With student self-reporting) When initiating an Action Alert, CatapultEMS notifies students.

self-reporting confirm-action-alert

Note: When initiating a Drill, you have the option to include or exclude Students from receiving the notification.

Once you initiate the Action Alert, students receive the notification (below).

self-reporting student-notification initiation

Send student self-reporting links

Safety Teams and staff follow the normal Action Alert protocol: report their status, location, and account for any students with them.

After a set amount of time, CatapultEMS sends any unaccounted students links to report for themselves. 

self-reporting student-accountability not-sent 1

If needed, you can send the self-reporting links early by clicking Send Student Self-Reporting Link Early.

self-reporting student-accountability not-sent 2

self-reporting student-accountability sent-early 2

Once the self-reporting links have been sent, you cannot resend for 5 minutes. This avoids duplicate notifications.

Student self-reporting

CatapultEMS sends unaccounted students a notification (below) asking them to report their status.

self-reporting student-notification report-status

  1. Choose Report Status.
  2. Choose Absent or Attending School.
    self-reporting student clicked-link
    Note: No login is required.
    1. If Absent, proceed to Step 5.
    2. If Attending School, proceed to Step 3.
  3. Report your status and any relevant details.
    self-reporting student entered-details
  4. Choose Next.
  5. CatapultEMS thanks them for self-reporting.
    self-reporting student submitted

Student Accountability

On the Student Accountability page, the student appears under the relevant tab (Unaccounted, Accounted, or Absent). The "Accounted by" column lists "Self accounted" rather than the teacher name, if the student accounted for themself.

self-reporting student-accountability accounted

Choose View to see the student-provided details, as well as their emergency contact information.

self-reporting student-accountability accounted view