Staff Messages

Staff Messages allow staff to communicate with the Safety Team during an active Action Alert.

Key Points

  • Staff must be logged in to CatapultEMS to send and receive these messages.
  • Messages sent by staff are only visible to the Safety Team.
    • Safety Team members can reply directly to the individual staff member or broadcast the message to the entire staff.



Send and receive messages (Staff procedure):

View and send messages to your Site Safety Team using the Send Message button on the dashboard.

Send Message

A pulsing red light notifies you of new messages.

Unread Staff Message-1

To send a message, type your message in the text box and choose Send.

Sample Staff Message



 Send and receive messages (Safety Team procedure): 

  1. From the dashboard, choose Staff Messages.

    A pulsing red light notifies you of new messages.


  2. To view submitted messages, choose the Inbox tab at the top of the page.

  3. Select the down arrow next to the staff member's name (or click on the bar) to view the message.

  4. You can either Broadcast the message to all staff members or Reply to the person who sent the message.