Spring 2023 Development Sneak Peek

Next-level features now! (Projected launch early May)

It turns out that building a new system from scratch takes a lot of time. So we decided to give our clients key 3.0 features as soon as they’re ready.  We are rolling out the new upgrades in waves, starting this Spring! 

Wave 1 - This Spring

  • Mobile & tablet page previews in the editor! 
    Now you can preview your page in mobile and tablet view, in addition to full-screen, before publishing.
  • Faster Text Editor! Load speed on our text editor just got a WHOLE lot better. 
  • New Dashboard 3.0 look for all clients:
    • Sleek new user interface
    • Faster load times with React technology
  • Security Improvements:
    • 2-Factor Authentication meets cybersecurity best practices standards for schools and districts
    • Increased our CMS security rating by updating Catapult code languages to latest security standards
  • New Staff Directory public-facing look -- available upon request

  • New fast-loading School Manager backend:

  • Requested Announcements features: 
    • Add headings to your post content.
    • Home page blurb lets you choose text to display in homepage feed.
    • Redirect Link feature lets you redirect the viewer to a link of your choice – url, flyer, webpage, etc. – with additional information and formatting.
    • Embed an individual post on any page of your website.
  • For new designs in 2023:
    • Lightning-fast React technology homepage components for new templates – dashboard/spotlight, parallax, growlinks, announcements, Points of Pride
    • Shiny new modular designs -- including slick animations, increased customization and optimized mobile experience.