Reunification Dashboard (Staff)

Your Reunification Dashboard is similar to your Action Alert Dashboard. You can send messages, update your student list, and access preloaded resources.


Send / Receive Messages

View and send messages to your (who) using the Send / Receive Messages button on the dashboard. The bar pulses red if you have unread messages.

Important: When a Guardian of one of your students has checked in, you will be notified via Messages.

To send a message, type your message in the text box and choose Send. If needed, you can attach a photo using the camera icon.

Student Overview

  • Students With Me: Shows students you have accounted for. If needed, you can Unaccount for any student.
  • Account Student: Shows students who have not yet been accounted for.


  • Reunification Map: Provided by district for reference.
  • Emergency Wifi: Provided by district for reference.