Reunification Dashboard (Reunification Teams / Safety Teams)

From your Reunification Dashboard, you can check in guardians, reunify students, send important messages, and access preloaded resources.

Only Reunification Teams and Safety Teams have access to this dashboard. For the staff version, see Reunification Dashboard (Staff).


Check-in Guardian

  1. Choose Check-in Guardian.
  2. Use the Search Guardians field to search by the Guardian’s first or last name.
  3. Select the Guardian. Any students associated with that Guardian will populate below, including their status.
    Note: If all students associated with the Guardian have already reunified, a pop-up notifies you.
  4. Select any applicable students.
  5. Verify the Photo ID for the Guardian and choose I have verified the Photo ID.
  6. Choose Next.
  7. The contact information for the Guardian will populate. Verify that the contact information is accurate and choose Take a Photo of Guardian to take a photo of them.
    1. If the Guardian prefers to opt out of the photo, choose Opt-out.
  8. Choose Check in. This will trigger the following actions:
    1. A notification will be sent to the user who accounted for the student(s) associated with the Guardian. If a student is still unaccounted, the notification will send once they are accounted for.
    2. The student will appear under “Requested for Reunification” on the Reunification Team / Safety Team dashboard.
    3. A notification will be sent to any other contacts associated with the student(s).
  9. Return to the Dashboard or Check-in Another Guardian.

Reunify Student

  1. Choose Reunify Student.
  2. Select the student to reunify.
  3. Click the provided Photo ID to view it larger. Verify the Photo ID of the Guardian and choose I have verified Photo ID.
  4. Choose Next.
  5. Choose Guardian Signature to collect the Guardian’s signature.
  6. Choose Save.
  7. Choose Next.
  8. Return to the Dashboard or Reunify Another.

Reunification Teams Chat

Reunification Chat Chat enables secure communication among your Reunification Teams and Safety Teams. The chat is available only during Reunification.

  1. To send a message, write in the text box and choose Send. If needed, you can attach a photo using the camera icon.
  2. To view previous chat sessions, choose the History tab > change Start Date and End Date > Search History.

Things to know:

  • The bar pulses red if you have unread messages.
  • Users who are actively viewing the Chat will appear under Chat Group with a green icon. If they leave, their name will appear grayed out.

Staff Messages

Messages sent by staff are only visible to the Reunification Teams and Safety Teams.

To view messages, choose the Inbox tab at the top of the page. Select the arrow next to the staff member's name to view the message. You can either broadcast the message to all staff members or reply directly to the sender.

To compose a new message, choose the Send Message tab.

Modify Reunification Team Members

A Reunification Team is a group of people that are responsible for coordinating reunification measures after an emergency. If a user is added to the Reunification Team after Reunification has been initiated, they will be notified via their communication preferences.

See Manage Reunification Teams for more information.

Student Summary

Under Student Summary, you will see real-time totals for each status. Click any button to see details.

  • On the Unaccounted tab, choose Account to account for any students with you. Only account for students you can see. Verified absences can be marked Absent.
  • On the Accounted tab, choose Add to Holding to move them to the Holding tab. You can also Unaccount for any student if needed.
    Note: A notification will be sent to any contacts associated with the student.
  • On the Holding tab, choose Reunify to reunify student with Guardian. This option is only available for students whose Guardians have checked in. See Reunify Student for more information.
  • On any tab:
    • Click the name of the student to view and update their status and view their emergency contacts.
    • Use the Search field to search by first or last name.

Guardian Summary

Under Guardian Summary, you will see real-time totals. Click any button to see details.

  • Click the name of the student to view and update their status and view their emergency contacts.
  • Use the Search field to search by first or last name.
  • Choose Check-in Guardian to check in another Guardian. See Check-In Guardian for more information.

Dashboard Resources

Reunification Site Map

See Manage Reunification Locations.

Emergency WiFi

Use this page to make it easy for your users to log on to an emergency WiFi network.

Choose Edit to update if needed.

One-Way Messaging

See One-Way Messaging.

Reunification Info

This page makes it easy to access key information, including:

  • Incident Commander(s)
  • Total Student Count
  • Site
  • Reunification Type
  • Transporation Holding Zone
  • Student Holding Zone
  • Guardian Check-in
  • Runner escorts
  • Student/Guardian Reunification Zone
  • Students