Proximity alerts

Proximity alerts let the Site Safety Team receive Action Alert/Code Red alerts for neighboring school sites. When a school site is placed in an Action Alert/Code Red, the alert is also sent to any associated site’s Site Safety Teams. The Site Safety Team can decide if action is required at their school. 

Want to enable proximity alerts between two districts? Contact Catapult Support!

Add proximity alerts

  1. Sign in to using a District Safety Team account.
  2. From the District Command Center, choose District Settings.
  3. Choose Proximity Alert Management.
  4. Choose Add next to a site to select another site.
  5. Choose the site(s) that should be associated with the selected site to receive notifications when an Action Alert is initiated.
  6. To remove a site association, choose the 'X' next to the site name.

In most situations, you should also add the reverse relationship to ensure both sites communicate fully (A alerts B and B alerts A).