Online Training Course Troubleshooting and FAQ’s

During Implementation, users are provided access to a self-paced online training course for one week.

For all course or login issues, feel free to reach out to for individualized assistance.



How can I view my users’ progress?

We will provide progress reports to you throughout the week.

I did not receive the access email.

I do not have access to the course. / I am not listed in the course progress report.

Users are enrolled in the online course based on their access level and active status in CatapultEMS. If you were not enrolled, you were not listed at the correct access level and/or listed as active in EMS.

In the meantime, you can take your course using the links provided to your district contact.

The course is difficult to navigate.

Use a laptop or desktop computer. The course is not compatible with phones.

Use Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. The course is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

I completed the course, but on the completion report it shows as 88% (or similar).

You may need to log in, resume course, and click “Passed. Let’s continue.” at the end of the test.

I completed the course, and now I can’t log in.

The login for CatapultEMS differs from the login for this online course. Please try logging in to with your district email address and district password.

If you have further trouble, see Log in to CatapultEMS or contact Catapult Support at

I did not complete the course, and now it has expired.

  • You can take the untracked version of the online course at any time using the links provided to your district contact.
  • Or, you can reach out to to have your access renewed. (A completion certificate will be provided.)