Manage Traveling Staff

Traveling Staff have a similar access level to Staff and Other Staff. However, they differ with respect to user management and drills.

By default, Traveling Staff receive notifications for real emergencies but not drills. Use this access level for people assigned to many sites, who would be overwhelmed by drill alerts.


User management

Only the District Safety Team can edit Traveling Staff. This prevents Site Safety Teams from deactivating staff they do not recognize because they are rarely on campus.

Site Safety Teams see a Traveling Staff tab under Manage Site Users.

For an overview of all Traveling Staff in the district, the District Safety Team also sees a Traveling Staff tab on the Manage District Users page.

Add/edit a Traveling Staff user

  1. Sign in to using a District Safety Team account.

  2. From the District Dashboard, choose View All Sites > site name.

  3. From the Site Dashboard, choose Manage Site Users (top right side of page).

  4. Choose Add New User (green, top right) or choose Edit next to an existing user.

If adding:

  1. Fill in the user details.

    1. Under User Access, select Traveling Staff.

    2. Under Locations, choose Add Site to add sites.
  2. Choose Save or Save & Send Confirmation.

If editing:

  1. Under User Access, select Traveling Staff.
  2. Choose Save or Save & Send Confirmation.
  3. Again from the Manage Site Users page, choose Edit next to the user.
  4. Under Locations, choose Add Site to add sites.
  5. Choose Save or Save & Send Confirmation.


Imports do not deactivate site locations for Traveling Staff.

However, if the user disappears entirely from the imports, CatapultEMS will deactivate the user from all sites (if your district has auto-deactivate turned on).


You can select Traveling Staff on the Initiate Drill Mode dialog, but they are unchecked by default.

The Drill Summary email sent after a drill completes, only include statistics on the user categories included in the drill. This means Site Safety Teams can focus on participation of regular Staff/Other Staff rather than wading through names of traveling staff who are rarely on campus.

Site assignments and imports

You can manually edit site assignments for traveling staff via the web interface, without them resetting on the next import.

Imports follow unique rules for traveling staff that differ from other access levels.

  • The import can add new site assignments.
  • The import does not deactivate site assignments (even for organizations who have "auto-deactivate on import" turned on.)
  • The import does not reactivate site assignments that you manually deactivated via the web interface (even for organizations who have "auto-deactivate on import" turned on.)
  • If your organization has "auto-deactivate on import" turned on (most do) and the import has no site assignments at all (e.g. the person leaves employment), the import deactivates the user as a whole at this point.