Manage Reunification Locations

Set designated reunification locations and upload reunification maps in advance. Or, add new locations on the fly.


Add/ Edit Locations

  1. Log into using a District Safety Team account.
  2. Choose Reunification.
  3. Under Reunification Locations:
    1. To add a location: Choose Add Location.
    2. To edit a location: Choose Edit.
  4. Update the following fields:
  5. Location Name
  6. Transportation Hold Zone/Area
  7. Address
  8. City
  9. State
  10. Zip
  11. Short Text Name (for text alerts): Recommended <20 characters
      1. Latitude: Will populate automatically
      2. Longitude: Will populate automatically
  12. Reunification Map PDF(s)
  13. Reunification Map Image(s)
  14. Choose Save.

Reunification Maps

Follow the above steps (under Add/Edit Locations) to upload your reunification maps in both PDF and JPG/PNG format.

Some tips for creating your reunification maps:

  • Reunification Maps should account for the flow of traffic not only by students and staff, but guardians, law enforcement, and district personnel.
  • Directional sign positions should be clearly marked on maps to establish direction prior to a reunification event.
  • Reunification roles should be shown so your Reunification Teams know the location of their station.
  • Unlike evacuation maps, reunification maps are not tactical. These maps can be shared with guardians or students prior to make everyone aware of flow ahead of time.

Sample map: Conceptual

Sample map: Practical