Drill Scheduler

The Drill Scheduler lets you plan drills for each site in your district. The Site Safety Team still needs to initiate the drill. This feature reminds the Site Safety Team a week in advance and the day of (at 7:00 am local time).


  1. Sign into CatapultEMS.com using a Site or District Safety Team account.
  2. On the Dashboard, choose Drill Scheduler.
  3. If you are Site Safety Team, skip to the next step. For District Safety Team you initially see a list of all sites with the last drill date and next scheduled drill. Choose View/Edit next to the site you want to schedule.
  4. Choose Add Schedule.
  5. Under Action Type, choose the type of drill.
  6. Under Repeat Type, choose Recurring or One-time.
  7. Choose the dates (and frequency if recurring).
  8. Choose Save.