LetsEncrypt SSL Issue Update

Dear Catapult Users,  
This afternoon some sites in Catapult experienced a lapse of their SSL certificate.  The warning stated the SSL was expired. This only affected security certificates being serviced by a specific security authority provider. 
Our response:
To respond to this we're updating all sites to use the newest version of LetsEncrypt which will replace the middleman with a new trust chain to secure all of our sites.
The new trust chain will fix the issue related to the expired certificate, but the newer protocol isn't universally supported by older devices (Mac OS prior to 2016 and Windows OS prior to 2008)
To check if your operating system click here:
Documentation from LetsEncrypt related to this update can be found here:
We forced an update to the newest version, and have technology in place to ensure that new certificates are generated every 90 days to make sure that any new updates are automatically applied.
LetsEncrypt remains one of the most widespread providers of website security on the planet, supporting more than two billion certificates a year.