Managing Global Documents

Developer-level users can upload documents and images to a central repository which can be accessed by maintainers at all sites in the district. No need to upload district-wide documents to the local site repository, saving time and work.

The Global Documents feature is most useful for district with 10+ sites. 

Adding Global Documents

  • On your Catapult Dashboard, click GLOBAL GROUPS.
  • Opposite [District Name] Global Files, click MANAGE.
  • On the next screen, click OPTIONS:


  • When you choose MANAGE GLOBAL DOCUMENTS or MANAGE GLOBAL IMAGES, a familiar File Manager window will open for uploading your document or image (see the Uploading Documents article for uploading instructions).
  • After uploading, click OPTIONS again, then SYNCH ALL REPOSITORIES, and the document or image will be available to all sites in their Documents or Images file repository.