Online Training Course (EMS)

Our self-paced online training courses provide a comprehensive introduction to CatapultEMS at every access level.

You have a couple options for the online training course:

  1. Ask Catapult Support to enroll specific individuals for 7-days, or
  2. Share a direct link to the course with your staff (recommended).

Hoping for more? We also offer full refresher training packages, complete with a live virtual session for your Safety Teams. Contact your Customer Success Manager to book a full refresher training.

Enroll staff

Enrolled staff have a 7-day window to complete the online training. We can share who completed the training, if needed.

Contact with a list of staff that includes

  • Name
  • Email
  • Course (staff/teacher, site safety team, district safety team, reporting response team, COVID-19 staff, COVID-19 manager).

Ideally these staff already have accounts in CatapultEMS. If not, please add them or include the additional details such as organization/district, site, and job title.

Direct link

You share a direct link to the training course with your staff. Your staff do not have to log in but you won't have any tracking of who completed the course. This option is simpler. (No username and password to worry about, less back-and-forth requests for renewing staff training if it expires before they complete the course, etc.)

For optimal user experience, we recommend opening the below links in a private or incognito browser window.

Full emergency management system

    For first responders:

    Notification only + panic button

    Anonymous reports

    For staff who receive Anonymous Reports: