Low lunch balance alerts

You can automatically notify parents and guardians when their lunch balance goes below a certain dollar amount. Contact support@catapultems.com for help with the initial setup. Below are instructions to make changes.

Customize message

  1. From the Organization Dashboard, select the Low Lunch Balance button.
  2. Select Email, Text, or Phone Call for the method of delivery. Text and Phone Call are premium features. For more information, contact support@catapultems.com.
  3. For email, enter the Subject and Message.
  4. For Text and Phone, enter the same or alternate message.


Delivery triggers

  1. Send at (select time).
  2. Send when balance is below (select amount).
  3. Shows total balance of all students in district.
  4. Shows positive balance (total of all students with positive balance).
  5. Shows negative balance (total of all students with negative balance).
  6. Select the number of days after the first message is sent out to send a follow up message. 
  7. Select email for delivery option.
  8. Select Text for delivery option. 
  9. There are up to 5 available follow up messages to send.
  10. Select Save or Cancel.