Tips for SIS export (CatapultEMS)

Need to export data from your Human Resources or Student Information System (SIS)?

If you use CatapultEMS only, refer to the document below. If you also use CatapultConnect, see Tips for SIS export (CatapultConnect and CatapultEMS) for a broader export.

Key points for automation

  • File Transfer: via SFTP

  • Format: .csv

  • Headers: Include headers as the first line of each file. Match the exact order and spelling of the headers listed below.

  • Filename: Match filename exactly.

  • Staff / Student / StaffToStudent files: Send nightly before 11:30 pm PST.

  • SchoolExport: Export one time and share via Google Drive or SFTP folder.



Sample file: StaffExport.csv

  • id,school,nameFirst,nameLast,email,mobileNumber,title

    1. id*: The staff/teacher ID can be numerical or alphabetical. To associate teachers with students, this ID must match the teacher ID listed in the StaffToStudentExport.csv. If your organization/district does not need student rosters, then this ID can be anything.

    2. school* (or site): School/site code from the Student Information System (SIS) that the staff member works. If a staff member works at multiple sites, add separate lines for each site. For example:


      Note: If any of the data differs between lines (e.g. id, name, mobileNumber, or title), the import uses data from the first line.

    3. nameFirst*: First name of staff

    4. nameLast*: Last name of staff

    5. email*: District email of staff

    6. mobileNumber: Staff mobile number, if available. 10 digits. Flexible on parentheses, hyphens and spaces.

    7. title(*): Job title for staff. Any staff member with the title "Teacher" or "Instructor" initially appear in the "Staff" tab in CatapultEMS. All others initially appear in the "Other Staff" tab. A title change does not affect the access level for existing users. (For example, if a user is already under "Other Staff" or "Site Safety Team", changing the title to "Teacher" does not automatically move them to the "Staff" tab). This column is highly recommended but not required. 

CatapultEMS always adds new users and new user locations based on the StaffExport.csv. CatapultEMS can optionally deactivate users and user locations that no appear in the StaffExport.csv. The latter is ideal if your organization has accurate data on which staff belong to each site/school.


Sample file: StudentExport.csv

  • id,school,nameFirst,nameLast,mobileNumber,email,contactNamePrimary,contactPhonePrimary,contactEmailPrimary,contactNameSecondary,contactPhoneSecondary,contactEmailSecondary

    1. id*: student ID number from SIS and can be numerical or alphabetical 

    2. school* (or site): school code from SIS

    3. nameFirst*: first name of student

    4. nameLast*: last name of student

    5. mobileNumber: mobile number of student. Important: Only include if students are receiving alerts in contract

    6. email: email of student. Important: Only include if students are receiving alerts in contract

    7. contactNamePrimary (or contactName1): Name of primary contact. If the name includes a comma (e.g. "Smith, John" or "John Smith, Jr.") please add quotes around the name. (Some software does this automatically for CSV files).

    8. contactPhonePrimary (or contactPhone1): Phone number of primary contact, if applicable

    9. contactEmailPrimary (or contactEmail1): Email of primary contact, if applicable

    10. contactNameSecondary (or contactName2): Name of secondary contact, if applicable. If the name includes a comma (e.g. "Smith, John" or "John Smith, Jr.") please add quotes around the name. (Some software does this automatically for CSV files).

    11. contactPhoneSecondary (or contactPhone2): Phone number of secondary contact, if applicable

    12. contactEmailSecondary (or contactEmail2): Email of secondary contact, if applicable

If your contract includes more than two student contacts, the column names would be contactName3,contactPhone3,contactEmail3, with the number increasing to 4, 5, etc.

Alternatively, you can list only one contact per line (but repeat the student info).


Sample file: StaffToStudentExport.csv

Remember to limit this to current classes only.

PowerSchool users: For the fastest setup, use the Catapult EMS plugin for PowerSchool.

  • school,teacher,student,period,name,courseNumber,sectionNumber

    1. school* (or site):  school code from SIS 

    2. teacher*: Must match the Staff ID from the StaffExport file.

    3. student*: Must match the Student ID from the StudentExport file.

    4. period*: Usually a number, but can also be 'homeroom' or '0', if applicable. If a teacher has multiple class rosters (e.g. secondary school) then each class needs a different period.

    5. name*: course name

    6. courseNumber: if applicable

    7. sectionNumber: if applicable

SchoolExport (Excel or CSV)*

  • One-time export for internal reference by a human. (Nightly uploads of this file not required or needed.)

  • schoolCode,schoolSiteName,address,phoneNumber,mergeWithSchoolCode

    1. schoolCode: school code from SIS

    2. schoolSiteName: name of school or site

    3. address: address of school or site

    4. phoneNumber: phone number of school or site

    5. mergeWithSchoolCode: Use this to merge schools or sites based on the location. Merged sites function as one site in CatapultEMS, if applicable.

* Required for setup.