Access level comparison (CONNECT)

Feature Organization
Teachers &
Sending Messages
Scope of Communication Any Contact in the Organization/District Any Contact in the School Any Contact in their Classes
Post to Facebook

Post to Twitter

Post to Website Announcements  
Notify in Parent App  
View Message History Any in the Organization Any Sent by Site Any Personally Sent
Schedule Messages
Save Drafts
Create Message Templates
Access to EMS Alert Button Yes if EMS Client Yes if EMS Client  
EMS Scripts  
Manage Recipients
Import a Custom Contact List
Share a Custom Contact List With Any Site in the Organization With Everyone at the Site  
Recipient Preview  
View Opt-Out List  

Manage Users

Manage District Users    
Manage Site Users  
Modify Personal Contact Information Any Staff in the Organization/District Any Staff at their School Their Personal Information


Edit Email Disclaimer    
Customize Attendance Alerts  
Customize Lunch Balance Alerts