Opt-out list

At the end of every voice call, email, and text, CatapultCONNECT includes a choice for recipients to opt-out of future messages. The Opt-Out List shows every email address and phone number that opted out of messages for your organization/district.

The opt-out list can be useful for troubleshooting why a particular contact did not receive your message.

Opt outs are organization-wide. A recipient cannot opt-out of a specific site/school or staff member.

How to get there

Organization or Site Communication Team

  1. Sign in with an Organization or Site Communication Team account.

  2. From your dashboard, choose Opt-Out List.


Staff do not have an option on their dashboard to view the opt-out list, but can review their Message History > Gear icon > View Recipients to see the delivery status for each recipient.

Opt-in link

The top of the page includes a link to “Opt Back In.” Feel free to share this link on your district or school website.

Please honor users' unsubscribe requests. Opting users back in without their consent leads to unhappy users marking emails as spam and your messages going to the spam folder for users who actually want them. Ignoring user's request to unsubscribe can also violate spam and telemarketing laws.


You can search for a specific email address or phone number. For phone numbers, type digits only (“5555555555” not “555-555-5555”).


Although every message comes to a recipient comes with opt out instructions, occasionally recipients may ask you to do this on their behalf. Choose Add Opt-Out and fill in the form.

You might use this form if a student's primary contact does not want to receive messages from CatapultCONNECT, but still needs to stay as the primary contact in your Student Information System for other purposes.


The list is sorted alphabetically by email address. Notice that recipients may opt out of a particular communication method (such as voice), rather than opting out of all methods of communication.