Choose the ≡ (Menu) button (top right corner) for quick access to features. The menu is available in all pages on CatapultEMS.

  • [Email address]: Shows user who is signed in. Useful for shared computers/devices.

  • Home: Quickest way to return to the dashboard.

  • Update Contact Info: Update your cell phone, alternate phone and email, password (if applicable), and communication preferences.

  • Need Help: Complete help guide. Choose Emergency Management for CatapultEMS (including the CatapultEMS app) or Mass Communication for CatapultConnect.

  • Evacuation Map: Shows evacuation maps for your site. (Menu item not available from district-level pages. Go to individual sites to see maps.)

  • Emergency Procedures: Review emergency procedures at any time.

  • Login CatapultConnect: (Visible if your district uses CatapultConnect). Quickly switch over to the CatapultConnect dashboard.

  • Contact Us: Submit a support ticket to the CatapultEMS team.

  • Log Out: Sign out of CatapultEMS. Useful when others might use the same device as you.