Multi-site lockdown

For the training video, see District-wide actions.

Multi-site lockdown lets you lock down many sites in your district at once. This feature is ideal for emergencies that affect multiple sites at once.

  1. Sign in to using a District Safety Team account.

  2. From the District Command Center, choose Multi-Site Lockdown.

  3. Choose incident level (Incident, Caution Alert, Action Alert, or Drill)
  4. If this is a drill, choose who you want to include in the drill.

  5. Fill in the details section.

  6. If this an Action Alert, choose the action (for example, Lockdown, Evacuate, etc.).

  7. Choose the sites. Note: You cannot select any sites currently in Drill Mode, or with an open Incident, Caution Alert, or Action Alert.

  8. Choose Initiate Incident / Caution Alert / Action Alert. The button label changes to match the incident level you chose in step 4 above. Use the label to check that you are initiating the correct incident level.