Review and process incidents (Safety Teams)

When staff report incidents or emergencies, CatapultEMS notifies all members of the Site Safety Team. Below are the steps to review and process them. When students and the community report incidents, see anonymous reports for a similar process.

  1. When you receive an incident report by email or text, choose View Incident Details (in the email) or click on the link in the text to view the latest details.

  2. Sign in to (From the incident details page, you can choose Login to provide more information for this incident to get to the log in page.)

  3. If you are on the District Safety Team, choose Incident Site to go to the dashboard for the relevant site. If you are on the Site Safety Team, skip to the next step.

  4. Choose Active Incident. Active incidents appear green (unless someone else resolved the active incident).



  5. Choose the report you were just notified of.



  6. Review the details of the report. At the bottom you can choose to Add Notes. These notes are visible to other members of your team, but not visible to the original reporter. Choose Update Incident to change any details of the report.

  7. Finally you can choose to Resolve Incident, Escalate to Caution Alert, or Escalate to Action Alert. If you choose to resolve, describe how you resolved the incident then choose Close Incident. CatapultEMS saves your description with the report, but does not send it to the original reporter.