New Doc List Functionality to Address Google Change

Google recently changed the rules! We can no long link to a folder in google for your doc lists. We added features to preserve links in doclist elements and allow any link to be added to a doclist for the future.

Google Changed the Rules

Google recently changed the rules for API access to google drive. The newest update now restricts. Any Google Drive API scope that permits an application to: Read, modify, or manage the content or metadata of a user's Drive files, without the user individually granting file-by-file access. This means that we can no longer link to a folder in google drive and have it automatically populate documents on the website. Doc List Changes

What's Changing?
In light of changes to how Google categorizes access, we're evolving the Doc List element to ensure continued efficiency and compliance. The forthcoming update to CatapultCMS will phase out the direct Google Drive integration in the Doc List element, replacing it with a new "Link" option.

Enhanced Link Management
  • New "Link" Option: Rather than linking to a Google Drive folder, you'll now have the ability to add individual links manually to your doc lists. This change offers more flexibility in managing the documents you wish to display, allowing for a broader range of content sources beyond just those stored in Google Drive.
  • Simplified Document Display: The process for adding documents to your site remains user-friendly and intuitive. You can give your Doc List a name, choose display options like including bullets, and order documents by name or date, just as before. The main difference is how you'll add new documents—through the "Link" option instead of selecting a Google Drive folder.
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Transitioning Your Content
We understand this change may require a slight adjustment in how you manage document lists on your site. To assist with this transition, we've prepared comprehensive resources and support:
  • Support Team: Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have about the update or how to manage your document lists moving forward.
Why This Update?
This update is in response to changes in external technology integrations, ensuring CatapultCMS remains a robust and versatile platform for managing your educational content. By introducing the manual "Link" option, we're providing you with greater control over the content you choose to display, while maintaining ease of use and functionality.

Thank you for your continued trust in CatapultCMS. We're excited to see how these enhancements will support your goals in providing a dynamic and engaging online experience for your community.

Warmest regards,
Catapult CMS Support